Joint Of Integrity Property

About Joiproperty

JOIProperty known as Joint Online Investment into Property. We are team from the Biggest Real Estate Company in Malaysia. This website is show the current development project from developer that handle by us.

Our mission:

Joint: We are welcome people to join us, whoever related / non related to real estate. We are strongly believe works as team, we will multiply the archievement.

Online: Company provide online real estate system, that is transparency and help agent to monitor the updated sales & archievement. There are many agencies cannot provide it to agent.

Investment: We are commited investment on property (sales) & people (agents). We will provide training on property management, sales & marketing, and makesure our agents can earn income with us.

Property: We are committed to provide Professional Property Management and Real Estate services. Proper maintenance, professional sales marketing, management and tenant recruitment are key to maintaining the value and income of any property.

Other Domains Support By Joiproperty & is website to deliver the our current (kini) property information to people. is website to deliver the current (kini) property information to people who like PUCHONG.

"Works as team to multiply the achievement"
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